Wholesale branded clothing and shoes - Outlet
Wrangler Lee Tommy Hilfiger, Converse, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Reebok, Timberland.

We import branded clothing and footwear from all over Europe directly from the manufacturers and distributors. Imported clothing by our company is called. outlet, or line items, inventory, and deseasonalisation clothing sales. All the clothing sold by us is new, from the current collection without any damage and having labels. We specialize in brands such as Wrangler, Lee, Tommy Hilfiger ... etc. We cooperate with wholesalers, shops, boutiques, online stores and individual traders. As a few in Poland we sell clothing to art and not in packages, like most such companies.


All the clothing sold by us is new, from the current collection,
without any damage and having labels.


We operate like an ordinary warehouse, you can order a chosen range and pick it up in person or send him on prior payment by bank transfer. We will establish cooperation both with customers and with suppliers.
Minimum purchase in our warehouse is usually 30 pieces.


Outlet System
Dane firmy:
Outlet System Piotr Marycz
75-351 Koszalin
NIP: 669 155 03 37
Tel.: +48 698 11 22 11
e-mail: biuro@outletsystem.eu    
e-mail II: piotrmarycz@interia.pl
75-351 Koszalin
Płatność (PLN):
Santander Bank Polska S.A.:            47 1090 2763 0000 0001 2361 4731
For International Transfer (For Eur): 
Outlet System Piotr Marycz 
75-351 Koszalin 
IBAN:PL 02 1090 2763 0000 0001 3180 8937 
SWIFT code:                            WBKPPLPP 
Name of Bank:                          Santander Bank Polska S.A.
Adres of Bank:                         al. Jana Pawła II 17,  08-854 Warszawa 
Country Bank customers:          Polska